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June 10, 2011


The first week after the holidays, was so exciting and also exhausting week. Yes .. fair enough, after being lazy, I have suddenly confronted again in fact to get up early in the morning to avoid some congestion. LOL. It’s difficult to deal with congestion in big cities, although I have tried some various ways and explore my creativity to outsmart the traffic, such as through the outskirts of town roads (better known as the street of rat), but I still got some congestion .hehe.

Ouch,, talk about creativity, I reminded the most creative person I ever met. And, that person is my lovely father . Well, it turns out, creativity is not talking about age, but about the experience and mindset.There are some things that made me surprised when I find some creative ideas from my father. Things that do not ever thought by me, was already a commonplace for my father. For example , when me and my dad were together tidying wire netting in every room. The wire gauze was placed on ventilation using tacks. However, I am less good in this stuff and I installed it directly. I just squeezed the tacks on the ends of the wire netting periphery, with the hope of that tacks will stick on the wall and make a wire gauze inserted in the vents. I didn’t ask my father, because I am a smartass guy and really has some poorly behavior in a rather complicated case like this. “Ah, its gonna be OK when the wire gauze stuck” I thought.

After pressed the tacks using a finger, it would not stick well to the wall. So I think that, all the nails have been duly nailed using the hammer. I am looking for a hammer, and when I found the hammer, I square off for hammering tacks in my grasp. Suddenly , there is a sound came behind me “oh, that is so great method to put up tacks. Apparently you already do not like your finger. Fine, hammer that tacks, and also your finger, fastly into the wall. ” Immediately, I gasped and woke up, it’s true I guess, my finger would be hitted by the hammer if I hammered tacks while i held the tacks. Haahaha.

Then my father told me, if one day you had been doing something, do not hesitate to ask the other people. And my father also said, to put up this tack to the wall, it will takes one media to assist, so, our hands wont be hammered. Then my father cut the transparent plastic, for laminating the paper, into a small size, perforated that fit the size of a tack, and give an example to me how to use that media assistant. Finally I can install it without let my fingers being hammered. Hehehe

Then, next time, my father showed his creativity when we were walking as a family to the area of North Sumatra. We were in the car on the way toward to Kutacane, Aceh Tenggara. As usual, when we were travelling, our family just bring clothes, toiletries, camera, money, snacks and some beverages to. We didn’t remember to bring other items. Then, because the journey takes a long time, one by one we fell asleep in the car, with a position less unsightly and neck bent everywhere. Then my father immediately said “I brought a pillowcase in the suitcase, you can enter all of the clothes that have not been ironed into the pillowcase, and you can wear that like a pillow”

Hahahaha .. gosh, I do not think the clothes that have not been ironed can also be used as a pillow, with a pillowcase as a media assistant. Well, indeed, my father is the most creative person I’ve ever met. Hehehehe. I am very proud to have a father like him. heheehehehe


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