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April 11, 2011


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Someday, a few years ago, I sat with some bleary-eyed in some class, trying to write the introduction in English to my English teacher by myself. I urged myself : “Michael, consider your improvement as a student, it will help you to write a lot of sentences in English. Do it in the 50 or so minutes before the deadline, in about 100 words”. How have I improved? What have I learned about writing some paragraph in English ?. Well, I stared at the keys, trying to think, trying not to dwell on the irony I cant do it by my average knowledge. So, I had my heavy conversation with my sister, who has some natural ability to learn English in easy ways, speaking fluently, and writing beautifully.

In my experience as a student — which is as long as I can remember — I’ve frequently been asked to assess progress. Think of math equations, science experiments, book reports that explain how a character has changed. More recently, think of cover letters, “personal statements,” and graduate school admission essays. I was foolish, but because of hard work, now I am wise. Cause has led to effect, hypothesis to conclusion, experience to understanding. I move forward.

So, now I have been learning at the State College of Accounting. As graduation nears, and so do the senior events — the impending brunches and graduation parties, hugs and handshakes — I feel an increasing aversion to the idea of progress. Sometimes I feel like its being imposed upon me, lopsided form of presssure. I’m graduating. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve done pretty well. But shouldn’t I be smarter? Shouldn’t I know something — anything — for sure?

Well, with my character, I want to have job which is make me more useful. I am prepared to work hard and learn as much as I can in order to do my best. I expect to get on well with my colleagues and will take their advice and benefit from their experience. Also, I want to make sure that I am aware of the current news and advancements in that field of work, so I will try and stay updated in every possible way. I am definitely not afraid of work nor new challenges. Maybe I can be the decision maker, analyst, or the researcher that can make the department still grow up in all the possible ways.
Of course, why I choose that kind of position ?. Like I’ve told before, I am prepared to work hard and learn as much as I can in order to do my best. I expect to get on well with my colleagues and will take their advice and benefit from their experience. Also, I want to make sure that I am aware of the current news and advancements in that field of work, so I will try and stay updated in every possible way. I am definitely not afraid of work nor new challenges. I like to express myself, I love to convinced people by the job I’ve done, and I have some pleasure while I serving others.

So, to achieve my goal, the first move I will do is praying to my God. I realize that I’m nothing without guidance from my God. Then, I will try all stuff which is compatible with my ability, and hope that all my goal is in accordance with God’s will. Thus, I need to set goals grand enough to challenge myself. I remember, if I don’t push myself beyond my current limits to reach my goals, I’m not really achieving anything. To truly be successful, and reach my true potential, I must constantly push myself to move outside of my “comfort zone”. Thus, I must precise in what I want. The more clearly I defined my goal, the easier it will be to attain. For example, let’s say Christian want to buy a house. To say he want to buy a house is not enough. To find a house he will really be happy with, he have to specify exactly what he want. Are Christian want to live in the country or the city? Are Christian want a two storey or a bungalow? Are Christian want a brick house or a wood house? How many square feet he want? Are Christian want a pool? How much can he afford? So, there are many questions to ask to define my goal clearly. Afterward, I must find all the reasons why I’m committed to attain my goal. I must feel the emotion stir up inside of me. I must feel the passion and drive.

Then, I must constantly evaluate my progress Having an action plan is not enough. Unforeseen obstacles are sure to arise. In other words, notice what is working and what is not. If an approach is not working, I must not waste my time with it. Then, I must never lose sight of my goal. I will take the time to review my goals every morning when i get up and every night before I go to bed. This will keep my goal fresh in my mind. Then, I must not procrastinate in all the way to achieve my goal. Procrastination is a “silent killer”. I understand that the only way to achieve my goals is to take an action. Knowledge means nothing if I don’t apply it. How many people in this world, come across with an unbelievable amount of education, working a mediocre job? The world is full of people who don’t apply their knowledge. On the other hand, most people with less educational background who apply everything they learn, will get they goal. These people are usually the ones who are most successful in all areas of their lives. Why ?. Because they take an action.

So, I will do something right now that will help me to achieve my goals. There is no time like the present! I must get the ball rolling. Each step I take brings me one step closer to the life I want. I always remember the motto, “The road to Someday, leads to the town of Nowhere”. Someday is today. Oh, I must remember to “enjoy the ride’. This is the key to a successful life. There is little point in only allowing myself to enjoy life at the point of achieving a goal. I will learn to happily achieve rather than achieving to be happy. After all, the majority of my time is spent striving to achieve goals. Such as, getting up in the morning, getting to work on time, making time to see a friend of loved one, and so on. Although these “goals” are pretty exciting, let’s not forget the big ones. The ones we create with passion and drive. The goals that can truly change our lives if we commit to pursuing them. Hope this will bring that goal to my life.
Then, I should explain what will happen if I don’t attain my goal. How will I feel? What will happen to my lifestyle? Will I be embarrassed? Will I loose self-esteem? The more emotion I can put behind the reasons why I must succeed and why I must not fail, the more committed to attaining my goals I will become. So, the only stuff that I can do, I will be surrendering my life to God and let my God drive my whole life.
There are so many people that give their support to me. Some of them, are my lovely parents. They always give some advice for me if I do something wrong according to their opinion. My sister, she always boil over me if I do something that can make her angry. My brother, he always make me angry in all the ways when I correspond with him. Yet, it gives me some training to control my emotion. Then, my lovely Frisca Winnei Melysa, always give me abundant love, hug, sawder, advice, and sometimes lose her temper if I did something weird. I cant stop loving you, deary, because no one can compare in this world to you. Then, my friends. All of them take a participation to support me. They are the best !


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